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    Additional Resources

    Below are some resources that you may find helpful with regard to your healthcare needs.

    FamilyDoctor.orgSite to look up health information.
    Understanding your medical bill
    Resources for affordable prescription medicine
    MRSA skin infection
    Coveringkidsandfamilies.orgAssistance in getting healthcare coverage for kids and family. Information on children and teens in a format anyone can understand.

     Provides extensive diabetes information, the latest research findings and great discounts on diabet
    es products. They also have carbohydrate counts for specific restaurants.
    National Diabetes Education Program            

     Translates the latest science and spreads the word that diabetes is serious, common, and costly, yet controllable and, for type 2, preventable. Offers free publications specifically for you. Also available in Spanish. has lots of information from the American Diabetic Association regarding all types of diabetes for all ages. Also available in Spanish.